Holiday cottages in Ireland

Holiday Cottages in Ireland, by Veronica & Anne.

Self-catering cottages in Ireland


With its lush, 40-shades-of-green landscapes, clear, tranquil rivers and ancient Celtic monuments, Ireland is a truly incredible country. A visit will see you return home with memories of pure gold – and clear-cut emerald. A traditional pub sing song, a lakeside walk, an Irish saint, leaving until tomorrow what at home you’d do today and a first pint of Guinness, just for the craic.

For a truly memorable trip, why not stay in an inspirational Irish period holiday cottage, to enhance and enrapture your senses with a true Irish outlook?  Holiday cottages in Ireland are the best choice for your visit because:

  • More intimate than a hotel – there will always be other holidaymakers present, and they can detract from your visit if you are looking for a more private type of holiday break. The period features and deep heritage of a holiday cottage allow you to bring the complementary aura of the unique Irish landscape back with you every single night.
  • Unique features – each holiday cottage in Ireland is privately owned, so you will enjoy a unique experience and down-to-earth service from someone who truly understands, lives and loves the Emerald Isle.
  • Into the Irishness – holiday cottages are set in the luscious depths of the Irish countryside, immersing you in local Irish culture and rural landscapes that have captured the hearts and minds of generations.
  • Mansions and more – a modern hotel room, although undoubtedly comfortable and functional, is essentially just a room for the night, whereas a holiday cottage can be almost anything you want it to be. From cozy cottages for romanticists, through to country mansions for families and friends, you’ll nearly always find the appropriate sized one to suit both requirements and budgets.

Holiday cottages in Ireland really are the perfect way to explore and get to the country. In the heart of the countryside, you’ll have a personal base to plan and start your expeditions from at whatever time of day suits you best, in addition to a comfortable, private and secure location to retire to at night. You couldn’t ask for better holiday lodgings.

If you’re looking for the best deals on holiday cottages in Ireland, check out these competitively priced offerings:

  • Aughavannagh Cottage – Only an hour from Dublin in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains – the garden county of Ireland. Complete with 4 bedrooms and a classic log fire, Aughavannagh Cottage is a picturesque home away from home.
  • The Pump House – Located on a farm alongside the River Barrow, the Pump House offers fishing, romantic boat trips and much more to couples and families alike.
  • Cois Abhainn – With beautiful hilly views and the crispest air around, Cois Abhainn offers a striking glimpse of Irish life. It benefits from a large sauna for evening relaxation, in addition to a wood burning stove for that truly traditional feel.

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