Skiing holiday in Scotland – short break or weekly rental

Holiday Cottages in Scotland, by Veronica.

Cross Country Skiing in Scotland     “Cross-country skiing is much easier than is often thought…….”

Discounted winter offers in a 17th century stone cottage just five minutes from romantic Glamis castle in Scotland.  The cottage sleeps five people (is pet friendly so you can take your dog) and is the perfect base for a cross country skiing holiday away from the madding crowd!

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Responses to “Skiing holiday in Scotland – short break or weekly rental”

  1. The article is inspiring me to come and try cross country skiing!
    I had never really considered it before, thinking it was restricted to Alpine and Nordic regions.

    Unlike most people I will look forward to more snow!

    Peter Jenkins at
  2. Sounds like a good way to get fit – ski off the christmas turkey! Perhaps a winter break will be on the cards – I hope so. A guide would be most helpful, get your bearings on the first day. Glenshee must be less than an hour and we had incredible down hill skiing there last year and this cottage would be good for skiing there too – what find, thank you.

  3. Hugo, it certainly is an excellent way to get fit – particularly if you are prepared to push yourself a bit.
    I have just been out today for an excellent ski with our dogs – plenty of snow here so no need to travel.
    Most of the ski resorts are up to hour and a half drive from here, but if it is x-country, then there are plenty of places to go within 30 mins, if we don`t have enough here.
    If you get here, I can show you an amazing way to get fit – increases fitness, stamina, speed and endurance. It will tone your body without adding unnecessary muscle, you then add sport/activity specific training as you wish. It can be done indoors or out – I do it walking the dogs!! Hope to hear from you, Andrew

    Andrew at
  4. Wow, what a fantastic few days – skiing by day with a clear blue sky and then again at night under a bright full moon and amazing sparkling snow.
    The best day was Tuesday 21st…clipped on the x-country skiis at 0530 so I was up on the hill in time for the lunar eclipse. Beautiful ski up – minus 15, sparkling, sparkling snow, to get a 360 degree view of the eclipse in the west and then the rising sun in the east. The first lunar eclipse in 400 yrs so definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Even the highland cattle called out to ask what was going on!That afternoon I went out onto the hills again to watch a lovely salmon pink sunset in the west and an enormous golden moon rising over the horizon in the east. Pottered around on the skiis for a while, enjoying the moment, and then glided back home under the bright full moon to enjoy a glass of wine in front of the log burning stove.
    All this just straight out the front door..

    Andrew at
  5. …..first lunar eclipse on the winter solstice….

    Andrew at

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