Staycations: What is a staycation?

Holiday Cottage News, by Veronica & Anne.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘staycation’ being thrown about in the last couple of years. Since the recession hit many families and couples have been finding it harder and harder to get abroad for a holiday. It’s simply been too expensive. Because of this many have decided to take ‘staycations,’ which are holidays taken within the country you reside, in parks, leisure centres and holiday cottages.

Staycations offer a host of benefits to those who take them:

1) Significantly reduced travel stress associated with airports and other terminals
2) Supportive of local industries and small suppliers
3) Massively more cost-effective then holidays abroad Рwith the costs of air travel and transfers a 10 day family holiday could easily stretch to £5000.
4) A chance to explore your own country – every country is beautiful, and how much of the UK have you actually experienced?

You wouldn’t think it immediately, but the UK is actually one of the most perfect countries for the family or couple looking to take a staycation trip together. From the misty air of the Scottish Highlands to postcard-perfect South Devon you’ll be able to visit some of the most beautiful places and stay in timeless properties full of rustic features including roaring fires and Tudor beams.

And if you’re looking for an activity-rich trip you can rent holiday cottages in the UK nearby classic, charming locations that offer delights such as fishing, zip lining, pony riding and kayaking.

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