Going away on holiday is very exciting and normally very busy in the lead up to the holiday. There’s always last minute organisation that can often be quite stressful. To make life easier, here are a few ideas of things to remember in your suitcase. 

Before you go 

Don’t forget to cancel the milk/paper deliveries as there’s nothing worse than coming back to a pile on your return! You also might want to tell the neighbours you’re away so they can keep an eye on your place and also keep any deliveries that arrive whilst you are away. 


1. Electronic equipment 

Probably top of most people’s list is a camera and/or camcorder but don’t forget the chargers and any necessary adaptors if you are travelling from abroad. 

2. Travel information 

Obviously if you are travelling from abroad, don’t forget your passport and tickets and any information on car hire. If you are travelling via ferry to Ireland or one of the Islands off the coast, make sure you have all the relevant booking information. Ensure that you also have the contact details of the owner or manager of the holiday cottage that you have hired and directions of how to get there. 

3. Sat Nav 

In addition to directions, Sat. Nav. can also mean that any travel to and from the holiday let is stress free and also any day trips to the beach or places of interest. 

4. Travel guide 

A good old fashioned travel guide is a must if you wish to make the most of the time at your self-catering cottage. Some owners provide local tourist information in the property. 



5.       Pets 

First off, don’t forget the beloved pet (assuming this has been pre arranged with the owners) and the necessary food, bowls, leads, whistles and beds. 

6.       Books  

You are on holiday to relax so remember to pack a few new books or magazines to ensure that you put your feet up at some stage and switch off. 

7.       Starter kit 

To make the beginning of your holiday as easy as possible why don’t you take a starter pack of food with the essentials for a cup of tea or coffee on arrival and perhaps enough to get you through the first meal and breakfast. 

8.       Entertainment 

It’s also an idea to take along an ipod or MP3 player possibly with speakers. For those travelling with young children you might want to consider taking a selection of DVDs for the odd rainy day. Perhaps you could take along a few games such as Monopoly to while away the hours – no age restrictions on this! If you are planning of doing any sporting activites whilst you are away such as golf, tennis or other outdoor activities, don’t forget to pack the necessary items. 



9. Clothing 

Ensure that you pack the appropriate clothing to the area. Heading to the beach, bare in the mind that the temperature of the sea around the UK is not sadly the same as the Med. so a wet suit is invaluable even along the beautiful Cornish or Welsh coasts. Those heading North or West might also want to consider waterproofs and wellies as essential for the rainy days. 

10.   Toilteries 

Any favourites may not be available in local shops so always pack those in addition to specific medication. Those heading to Scotland or coastal areas, might want to remember the anti midge repellent to make your stay more enjoyable. Towards the South of England, it can get very hot and sunny so sunscreen and aftersun is a must. 

Hopefully this is helpful to those about to head off on holiday and will give you a relaxing start to your holiday. Have fun! 

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