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Booking a self catering holiday is a great idea for families with babies or young children as it provides great flexibility. You can arrange your day around your routines and mealtimes and it’s normally a cheaper option than staying in a hotel. Here are a few top tips on what to think about before you book.


Before you book, do your research as self-catering cottages or homes can vary hugely. Ask your family and friends for recommendations and check the small print to see what facilities are available.

Location, location, location

The UK has a thriving industry of holiday accommodation with many cottages either near beaches or in beautiful rural locations. You might want to find out if there are any particular events happening close to the holiday property whilst you are there. For instance in Scotland in the summer, there are often highland games on which is a great day out for all the family.

Additionally, if you’ve got children as well as a baby, ask yourself if you would rather be in a village, such as the beautiful Cotswolds, that has some facilities such as a park or a duck pond, or perhaps a beautiful beach in Cornwall, than a very rural location in the middle of nowhere?

Standards of Accommodation

Holiday accommodation can vary enormously in terms of facilities available so it is important to search for the most appropriate for you and your family’s needs. Many holiday cottages nowadays have dishwashers, TVs with satellite channels and good quality furniture. Some of the more basic accommodation may mean that you have simple cooking facilities and the furniture isn’t very grand but it can still provide an ideal base for a holiday. Should you opt for the cheapest option, you are possibly going to get what you pay for.

Some properties may be part of a larger complex which has the advantage of games rooms or swimming pools that are shared with the other holiday cottages. These other activities can come in very handy if there is a spate of bad weather and then at least there is another form of entertainment.

How child-friendly is the accommodation?

Often it is possible to pre-book some baby facilities such as a high chair or travel cot. As allows you to talk direct to the owners, it is easy to check before arrival. Bear in mind, that some holiday homes can be old, even listed buildings so not all are child friendly, with steep stairs or ponds in the garden. You might want to consider taking your own stair gate if you have toddlers.


It is important to think about the amount of space you will have and what you need. Do you really want your baby or toddler to share with you or would you rather they had their own room?
Not every cottage will have a separate kitchen and living room, and not every bathroom will have a bath.


The additional of holiday lets like this is that you can often take pets to your cottage. Some allow dogs but often charge a small extra fee.


Some of the more luxurious, self-catering holiday properties offer little extras, such as groceries in the fridge on arrival which can really make your life much easier when turning up at your destination. Alternatively you could do some supermarket shopping online and schedule it to arrive after you have made it to your holiday let.

 Enjoy the chance of discovering another part of the UK by booking a self-catering cottage and have fun!

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