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Merry Christmas to all of you from We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the festive cheer with family and friends. As a Christmas gift, we’re offering FREE advertising for all holiday cottage owners on our brand new, bespoke late availability cottage site This site is dedicated solely to last minute cottages across the UK. This promotion ends today so be sure to take advantage of it – just enter code xmasspecial at the sign up page to secure your free advertising! Merry Christmas! The team

We have an exclusive offer available to holiday cottage owners – free advertising on, our newest project dedicated exclusively to late availability cottages throughout the UK. The site is dedicated only to last minute self-catering holiday deals – the search function allows holiday-makers to find the property and location they want at the click of a button. Owners on the site are able to set a number of variables including discount, whether pets are allowed, number of bedrooms, broadband and many more to make the listing as attractive as possible. Until Christmas day, holiday cottage owners can list their properties on the site FREE of charge, increasing their exposure and connecting them directly with relevant users. Merry Christmas!

Winter’s here, and that means the temperature has plummeted! Home owners and businesses are always being given advice on keeping their properties in top condition over winter and avoiding any disasters. For holiday cottage owners, this advice is just as important; a burst pipe can cause months of missed bookings and loss of earnings – can you afford for this to happen? Follow these five tips to help ensure your holiday cottage will emerge from the winter in top shape: Protect against frost: frozen pipes can burst and expel water throughout the building, ruining its structural integrity and making significant repairs unavoidable. Maintain the heating at a low temperature when your property is vacant to keep the pipes from freezing. If you do discover a frozen pipe, the safest method to thaw it out is with hot water – simply wrap a towel round the pipe and pour over hot water, using a bucket to catch the run-off. Prune high trees: winter winds can quickly fell a tree, which can cause structural damage. Prune the biggest trees yourself, or hire a tree surgeon, to prevent this happening. Also remove damaged or broken branches as these can easily snap off and be carried by the wind. Be especially careful if using a chainsaw. Inspect roof tiles: broken or damaged water tiles can let water enter the roof, leading to a range of problems including mould. Loose tiles are also at risk of being blown off, causing damage to property and creating a hazard for people standing…

For a limited time only, we are offering holiday cottage owners throughout the UK FREE advertising on our newest project, This brand new site is dedicated solely to last minute holiday cottages and directly connects owners and their target audience. The search interface is simple and powerful and features properties across the country. To take advantage of free advertising, enter code xmasspecial when you sign up – this offer is limited and will expire on December 25. You may also want to take a look at our tips to help you get Christmas cottage bookings to help you keep your property full over the festive season!

The festive period is one of the busiest for holiday cottage owners, but sometimes a late cancellation can leave your cottage potentially unoccupied over Christmas and New Year. Thankfully, last minute bookings are popular and common among holiday-makers, making it easy for you to secure a new booking. If you’re searching for last minute bookings at the moment, these five tips will help you maximise your chances. Go the extra mile – little extras can really appeal to people looking for a special treat over the festive period. Make the most of your cottage’s unique selling points and consider including something extra special to attract custom. For example, open fires are very popular over Christmas – they fit in with the festive occasion and provide a real ‘home away from home’ comfort. Why not chuck in a bundle of firewood on last minute bookings? Families will love the ‘ye olde’ appeal. Or, if you are renting to couples, include champagne and chocolates on arrival. There are many different ways to go the extra mile. Reduce the price – last minute bookings typically offer discounts on standard rates to entice holiday-makers. Bear in mind that this is standard practice over the festive season so if you’re not prepared to offer a discount, you may find your cottage passed over in favour of cheaper breaks. The discount doesn’t have to substantial but should incentivise the deal. If you really can’t offer a discount, then freebies will help sell your cottage, such as champagne or a fully-stocked fridge….