Five tips to help protect your holiday cottage this winter

Holiday Cottages in the UK, by Veronica.

Winter’s here, and that means the temperature has plummeted! Home owners and businesses are always being given advice on keeping their properties in top condition over winter and avoiding any disasters. For holiday cottage owners, this advice is just as important; a burst pipe can cause months of missed bookings and loss of earnings – can you afford for this to happen?

Follow these five tips to help ensure your holiday cottage will emerge from the winter in top shape:

  • Protect against frost: frozen pipes can burst and expel water throughout the building, ruining its structural integrity and making significant repairs unavoidable. Maintain the heating at a low temperature when your property is vacant to keep the pipes from freezing. If you do discover a frozen pipe, the safest method to thaw it out is with hot water – simply wrap a towel round the pipe and pour over hot water, using a bucket to catch the run-off.
  • Prune high trees: winter winds can quickly fell a tree, which can cause structural damage. Prune the biggest trees yourself, or hire a tree surgeon, to prevent this happening. Also remove damaged or broken branches as these can easily snap off and be carried by the wind. Be especially careful if using a chainsaw.
  • Inspect roof tiles: broken or damaged water tiles can let water enter the roof, leading to a range of problems including mould. Loose tiles are also at risk of being blown off, causing damage to property and creating a hazard for people standing nearby.
  • Clear drains: clogged drains can fill with water and overflow, particularly when the rains get heavier. Clear all drains of leaves and debris and ensure drainage systems are operating efficiently.
  • Plug any leaks: check all appliances for leaks and plug them – in unattended properties water can pool and cause mould and fungus which can eat into wood and also make the home smell, hardly a selling point when it comes to bookings.

Good luck keeping your property secure over winter! If you own a holiday cottage and are looking for bookings over the festive season, log onto our new website, a site exclusively dedicated to last minute cottage rentals. Cottage owners are able to list their properties, and offer a discount where applicable, while holiday-makers can use the simple and powerful search functionality to find a perfect break in the UK.

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