Space, Stars and Mars at Glenelg, Scotland

Holiday Cottage News, Holiday Cottages in Scotland, by Veronica.

The Glenelg Community wish to draw your attention to a large event being held in Glenelg on Saturday 20th October to coincide with the Curiosity Rover reaching Glenelg, (Mars). The event begins at 3pm and the village will be very busy. It will also be very exciting! There are a number of guest speakers including Doug McCuistion, Director of NASA Mars exploration programme. Please look at the Glenelg Community website for details . Tickets are available now, so get booking, it’s a once in a life time opportunity!

There will also be a ceilidh in the evening and tickets for this will be available on the door. Anyone staying in Glenelg, who do not wish to attend the day/early evening events, will be able to access their accommodation, but won’t be able to enter the marquee and other ticketed activities. The Glenelg Inn and Glenelg Village Shop will still be open to non-ticket holders. We hope that visitors will manage to share some of this wonderful day with us!

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