The Island of Colonsay

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Often know as the Enchanted Island, Colonsay is one of the most beautiful Hebridean islands. It is small in size yet has a great variety from ancient and cultivated woodlands to peat bogs and raised beaches and tidal flats. The island of Colonsay is situated west of Oban between Mull and Islay and is accessible by ferry. It has outstanding views across the sound of Jura.
Colonsay is known for its white sandy beaches on both coasts with its perfect coves that are ideal for swimming. You might even spot seals and otters on the offshore reefs. The birdlife is also extensive from the magnificent golden eagle and peregrine falcons to the corncrake.

Colonsay also has a unique rough golf course which is cropped by cattle and sheep so challenging and fun at the same time! There is freshwater fishing on an inland loch and excellent sailing and kayaking. Despite the small size of this beautiful island, there is a book shop/publishing house and a brewery on the island. The shop is excellent and should you want the chance to let someone else do the cooking, there is a tea shop and a stylish hotel and restaurant.

The neighbouring island of Oransay is worth a visit. It is linked by a tidal causeway. There you can explore the ancient priory. This is also the location of some of the best oysters.

The pace of life is delightfully slow and  a paradise for cyclists, including children, as there is very little traffic and drivers are very careful of those on two wheels! Have a look at an ideal self-catering property on Colonsay and see if you can’t be tempted!

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