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Testimonials from holiday cottage owners

The iCal is brilliant - now I am up to-date everywhere. Thank you for your help I feel a bit stupid as your instructions do look to actually be idiot proof! I just knew that if I asked you would do it for me - so lazy I am sorry but very grateful.
Your client support is second to none - LOVE WHICHCOTTAGE

Speaking to guest before they book is paramount for us - so that they understand the rural road, the boat times and the isolation of the property. Whichcottage works extremely well and provides the majority of our bookings - with many repeating customers. Delighted to promote you - do use us as a reference should you need one.

Thank you so much for changing my web pages as your site design is very attractive and I am hoping these changes will do the trick as far as bookings are concerned. I shall check them over later and also take advantage of your late availability pages.
Many thanks for your time and advice.

Please could you remove our entry from your website, we no longer require your services as we have given the cottage to our son. Thank you for the last six years of bookings - it has been a marvellous business, which we will miss.

I have had a brilliant year, thankyou. Apart from a couple of weeks in November, I've been booked up for almost the whole year with really satisfied guests.

Thanks for the extra time to pay the bill unfortunately the cleaner we had lined up for the cottage has told us she will be unable to help us out.
I`m afraid it`s the end of the road for our Cottage as a holiday rental but we will keep it going as our own private holiday cottage for a while longer.
I can easily say that it is because of WhichCottage.com that the cottage was the success it was and we are very sad to have to terminate the link with your excellent service.
Should our fortunes change in the near future and we can see ourselves opening the cottage to the public domain then we will certainly be back in touch.
Wishing you a Merry Xmas and All the Best for the New Year.

Could you please update your website to include the attached new weekly rates for 2010 and let me know when this has been done. My website is being updated after Xmas so perhaps beginning January would be appropriate.

We have had very good bookings for this year so I am very pleased to continue with Which Cottage next year.

Things are going well here and we have had a number of really good enquiries, thank you.

I am delighted with the response I have had from your site - I have had loads of enquiries - The beauty of the responses I have had is that I really don't feel the need to spread my net any wider. Thank you both.

I have cancelled all other advertising - you obviously have a name on and off line - you generated 96% of our bookings in the last year. Thank you and please keep it up!

Thank you for all the enquiries last year. I would like to renew for next year please send the invoice.

Well, I can hardly believe it - I've had three enquiries already this morning for our lovely home! Having only just sorted out our site yesterday and gone live yesterday - I think that's the most wonderful response I've ever seen, I do hope they all confirm and this is just the start of a really long and happy relationship between us, Thank you again - I'm most impressed

Your reach is clearly huge, I was most impressed with the helpful way Freddie followed up an enquiry from someone whose response from me had landed in their spam box - now that's what I call service. Thanks to you my cottage is now a viable business - Which Cottage is worth every penny.

Have just viewed your testimonials page for the first time and, yes, there are very many others, just like us, who have spent a great deal of money advertising with other sites and agencies, which produce little if any results, and certainly nothing like the high volume of enquiries and bookings your Which Cottage site generates.

'I just wanted to let you know how delighted we have been with the number of bookings from Which Cottage - we have 14 weeks booked for this year! Many thanks'

'The personal and quick service you provide is very refreshing.'

'The number of bookings is amazing - how do you do it?'

'By far the best website we have been on - and we have tried them all - so pleased with the bookings - but far too many enquiries really.'

'You are both fantastic - my holiday cottage rentals have doubled since I joined you.'

'The best value website I have ever advertised on. In fact I won't be renewing with any of the others - xxxxxxxxxx have far too many cottages on now so my bookings have dropped enormously and they are not worth the money.'

'WOW!!! Can't believe they amount of bookings you have sent me already - I've only been on the site for a week but already 3 bookings.'

'My only complaint with your site is too many enquiries as I have already filled most of the year through you - please can you update my page to say I am booked from 28th May till 2nd Sept.'

'Our website has produced 13 enquiries (and no bookings) in the last month but you have provided endless enquiries and 16 bookings for this year and we wish we'd found you sooner.'

'Normally I trash sales emails but took up your free trial for some unknown reason and will certainly be signing up - it will be worth every penny.'

'You charge more then many other sites but they produce nothing and you produce the biz so are cheap really'