Arriving in UK - travel to self-catering accommodation?

Which transport to book.

If you are coming to the UK on holiday from abroad then you will either arrive at one of the main London airports (Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton or Stansted), one of the regional airports (eg Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham or Manchester) or by ferry. There are lots of excellent ferry routes to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales from Europe. The road system in the UK is good with fast motorways connecting the main areas. Many people on holiday here like to travel by rail and then hire a car to get them to their holiday cottage. Which ever method of travel you use then a useful website to find up-to-date information on road travel conditions in the UK is AA road watch, and read the British council report to help you decide which mode of transport to take.. If you are travelling by road in England - it can get busy at peak seasons and times - we recommend you look at Traffic England which gives you information on road traffic cameras, roadside message signs, congestion, incidents, roadworks, adverse weather, major organised events, abnormal loads and speed!